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Squittle = Maple + Pecan + Bacon = AWESOME! from Sugar Daddy Desserts


West Texas chocolatier James Crowder has created a sweet treat that’s sure to thrill the taste buds of any bacon lover. It’s his deeeelicious Squittle. Squittle, as in Squeal + Brittle, is a maple pecan brittle made with real smoked bacon. You can find Squittle at Sugar Daddy Desserts, Crowder’s shop in San Angelo, Texas (San Angelo, the home of Goodfellow Air Force Base, the San Angelo National Ceramic Competition, and the Grammy winning Texican rock band Los Lonely Boys). Not planning to be in San Angelo anytime soon? You’re in luck! You can order your own 8 ounce box online for $12.95. While your there, be sure to check out Sugar Daddy Dessert’s other great items.




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Dire Warning: The Price of Bacon Could Soar Nearly 26%!!!!

Holy Smokes! It might be time to load up the freezer before the price of bacon hits the roof.

But this year, just as the U.S. is worrying about its own debt crisis and a possible “double-dip” recession, the price of bacon —that sizzling, smoky comfort food we most need during tough times — is expected to surge. The price of pork bellies, which is where bacon comes from, jumped to more than $130 per hundredweight (100 pounds), and some analysts suggest it’s going to top last August’s level of $150.
– from “The Crisis We Should Be Panicking About: Bacon Prices” 1 July 2011 CNBC

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Saving Bacon: A cartoon by Scott Hilburn

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Bacon-Buttercream With Bacon Sprinkles Crowns These Oatmeal-Chocolate Cupcakes

To create this decadent treat, rich and fluffy maple buttercream is generously spread across the tops of cinnamon infused chocolate oatmeal cupcakes. As a final touch, the cupcakes are sprinkled with crumbled bits of bacon. These are filling enough to serve at brunch. For the full recipe as well as prep suggestions, please visit Erin Cooks .


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The Ultimate 120 oz. Steak from The BRAND Steakhouse & Lounge at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas

If you’re in Las Vegas and you love steaks, there’s something that you don’t want to miss.  It’s the bacon juice soaked 120 ounce, that’s 7.5 pounds, Porterhouse steak served up at the 5,000 square-foot BRAND Steakhouse and Lounge (located in the center of the Monte Carlo Casino floor).  This hearty cut of beef has been aptly named “The Ultimate Steak”.  It’s carved from the bone and is served with two sides and signature sauces. The Ultimate serves six people, however, in, true Vegas style,  The BRAND will wager that if one person finishes the entire steak in a single sitting, they will comp the meal. There’s no time limit and, last we checked, a  diner didn’t have to finish the side orders, only the steak.  The cost of the The Ulimate Steak is  $25o plus tax and gratuity.   For an additional $25, you can surf ‘n turf it by adding a Maine lobster tail. (BRAND Menu)

Bacon lovers, listen up!  The way this this meat-lovers delight is created is art in action.  First, the Porterhouse is massaged with kosher salt and fresh black pepper.  It’s then transferred to a warm bath of liquid bacon fat which includes black peppercorns, scallion and garlic.  The meat is coated on all sides with the liquid and then transferred the refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes (long enough for the coating to solidify).  Once the bacon fat coating is solidified and becomes shell-like, the meat is removed and then coated again on all sides with the liquid bacon mixture, this time by using a wide basting or paint brush.  The  Porterhouse is returned to the fridge and left overnight so that the bacon flavor is absorbed into the beef.  The next day, the meat is then seared on all sides on the grill.  While being seared, it is brushed with a balsamic vinegar mixture.  The 120 0unce beauty is then removed from the grill after the quick sear and wrapped completely in a layer of bacon strips which are secured by heat-proof picks.  The meat is cooked for one hour in a 350 degree oven.  Next, the temperature is lowered to 140 degrees and the cooking continues for another 12 to 14 hours.  This produces a nice, rare cooked, delectable piece of  Porterhouse.  If you are cooking this at home, be sure to use your meat thermometer to achieve the desired degree of doneness.  The Ultimate Steak really does sound totally awesome doesn’t it?!


The BRAND Steakhouse's 120oz Ultimate Steak

Brand Steakhouse & Lounge

The Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino
3770 Las Vegas Boulevard South



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Uncle Oinker’s Lets You Wear the Smell of Love!


Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Scented Bacon Print Tuxedo smells just like bacon sizzling in the pan. Guaranteed to make any man the center of attention at any party. Each Tuxedo is tailored from chemically treated latex print fabric.

Available at Archie McPhee’s.



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Yee-Haw! Jimmy Dean: Pig Killer #1

By Yee-Haw Industries

We thought this tribute to Jimmy Dean was pretty hoggone funny!

The poster is a hand-printed, letterpress print by Yee-Haw Industries. It’s printed in yellow, red, and blue inks on heavy weight 100% recycled white paper. measures in at approx. 25″h x 13.75″w

CLICK HERE for more info about Yee-Haw Industries

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Deviled Eggs and Bacon


Deviled Eggs & Bacon Appetizers

Serves 6

  • 3 tablespoons yellow mustard
  • 1 teaspoons Hungarian paprika plus additional for garnish
  • 6 pieces thick-cut bacon
  • 12 eggs
  • A few dashes hot sauce (your choice of type & heat. We used Chipotle flavored for a smokey flavor)
  • 1 teaspoon sugar
  • 3 tablespoons miracle whip (Note: Miracle Whip is sweeter than regular mayonnaise, so if you use plain mayo instead, you might need a bit more sugar,)
  • 1/2 teaspoon BaconSalt (optional)
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper

1. Put the eggs in a saucepan, fill it halfway with cold water and set over high heat.

2. When the water boils, turn off the heat, place a lid on the pot and let sit 10 minutes. Place the pot of cooked eggs in the sink and run some cold water over the eggs until both the water and the pan feel cool. When the eggs are cool enough to handle, take them out of the water, roll each egg on a work surface to crack the shell and carefully peel off the eggshells.

3. While the eggs are cooking, place a medium-size skillet over medium heat. Cook the bacon in the pan until crispy and golden brown. Remove the bacon to a paper towel-lined plate. Once cool, break two slices into 6 large-ish pieces each for a garnish. Chop the remaining bacon into very small pieces and reserve.

4. Slice each egg in half longways, and scoop the yolks out into a medium bowl. Place the egg white shells onto a plate for filling, with the holes pointing up.

5. Break the yolks up a little bit using a fork. Add in the chopped bacon, Hungarian paprika, mustard, sugar, hot sauce and Miracle Whip/mayo, and stir until the yolks have been smoothed out. Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

6. Fill the eggs. If you don’t have a pastry bag, you can make your own by spooning the egg mixture into a Ziploc bag and squishing it all into one of the bottom corners. Snip off a small triangle from the bottom of the filled bag and squeeze out a bit of yolk mixture into each of the egg whites. Once all eggs are filled, dust them with a little of the Hungarian paprika and top each egg half with one of the reserved pieces of bacon, for an extra crunch.


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